Take a look at these 15 Reasons why you should work with WordPress

WordPress content management system (CMS) is the most popular website management tool out there. More than 29% of the world’s websites published are using WordPress with over 500 new WordPress sites added everyday. With unlimited combinations of design and function, WordPress offers solutions for everyone, from small business to media conglomerate. Let’s take a look at 15 reasons why you should be using WordPress.

What the heck is WordPress?

First, WordPress is a content management system. It keeps your text, images, video and any other content organized and accessible. There’s two versions, the self hosted WordPress.org version and the hosted version at WordPress.com. It’s original design was for the avid blogger, but it’s grown to offer complete eCommerce solutions for every product or service you can imagine; expansive enough to manage the content demands of a media giant like BBC America. WordPress allows the users, both visitors and admins, to create, manage and consume vast amounts of content of every type without worrying about all of the technical details of owning a great website.

What makes WordPress so popular?

Especially relevant to its popularity might be its flexibility, open source origins, user friendliness, and the fact that it’s free! It also makes the world of website design a whole lot easier to manage and create. Granted, you’ll still need a professional web designer to help you build that dream website, you’ll also appreciate the ease of use from a business owner standpoint. And if you just like to talk, blogging on WordPress is second to none. Especially when you consider the integrations with today’s most popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

1. WordPress Saves You Time

WordPress allows you to make huge jumps in creating a successful website. Skip the basics of programming and get into building pages faster with templates and short codes and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) style editing.

2. WordPress Websites are Easy to Use

You don’t have to know CSS, PHP, HTML or any other programming language. WordPress’ framework manages all of the content and media, pages and posts for you and keeps it looking good. Add a page builder plugin like Divi from Elegant Themes and you’ll have all of the advanced website features you can want at your finger tips.

3. All of this is Free!

WordPress is open source and free to use. There are a plethora of free themes and plugins that add functionality and integration for little to no cost. I’m a  big fan of the team at Elegant Themes and ThemeForest for the premium stuff. Being Open Source also gives you the freedom to improve or alter the WordPress source code to your needs.

4. Complete Customization of WordPress

With tens of thousands of free themes, page builders, themes, plugins, API integration, and more, WordPress offers solutions that cater to personal and professional needs alike. Social media integration or complete eCommerce solutions are just a few clicks away. Check out the WordPress showcase to see the thousands of different websites you can build.

5. SEO Friendly Out of the Box

Search Engine Optimization is automatic with WordPress. Aside from it’s already search engine friendly structure, there’s a lot of different tools you can use to help ensure your site is crawled by search engines and found by your future audience. I use Yoast Premium for all of my WordPress SEO needs, you should read this definitive guide to WordPress SEO Joost de Valk  of Yoast wrote recently.

Yoast Seo for WordPress

6. WordPress is Mobile Friendly and Responsive

WordPress is responsive to screen size and friendly with all of your mobile devices. Given the overwhelming amount of mobile traffic, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if your site wasn’t mobile-friendly. Your website is ready out of the box with WordPress.

7. WordPress is Yogi

This site gets minimal traffic from around the globe, but is managed by the same basic framework as The Jane Goodall Institute, Mercedes Benz, Vogue, Time.com, and a whole bunch more with a real audience. The flexibility and ability of WordPress to scale is on display on their website showcase.

8. Unmatched Support

WordPress has the largest, global community for design and development support. I’ve been working with WordPress for a long time and there wasn’t a problem I didn’t find a solution for on a forum or WordPress’ Codex. Many of the premium WordPress themes, plugins and page builders also come with support for the tougher issues you might face.

9. Total Security

WordPress has frequent updates and many hosts offer automatic updating. This coupled with plugins like WordFence are just a couple of ways WordPress keeps your website secure from hackers, spam, and outdated software.

Create that Content with WordPress

Image Courtesy of DigitalDarts.com

10. Complete Content and Multimedia Management

There isn’t a media type WordPress can’t handle. From images to audio, video and interactive elements, or third party integrations with popular sites like YouTube or Instagram, your plain old text can have all the fancy you can muster.

11. WordPress Integrates with Everything

Have Instagram as your favorite go to for posting pictures? Or maybe you use PayPal to manage your photography print sales? WordPress has custom integrations for both, and thousands of other popular digital service providers to help you manage your business or social media image.

12. Automatic Updates

Not only is automatic updating a plus for website security, it also helps cut down the upkeep time for your website. Less hassle and less headaches when dealing with a plugin or theme that’s 10 updates behind.

13. Content Post Scheduling

WordPress allows you to schedule your posts in the future, or past, so you can manage months of automatic posting in a single sitting. If you’ve got events in the near future or specials you post regularly in-house, you can set your website to match.

14. WordPress is a Team Player

With WordPress, you can manage your web store, chat, or forum with your entire team. Delegate tasks associated with customer service responses, order fulfillment and event management with complete control from the back end of your website.

Why do I need to blog in the Arctic with my satellite phone? Because I can!

15. Universal Application

WordPress is not only mobile-friendly and responsive for your website users, it also offers the same accessibility to you the website owner. From virtually every Internet enabled device, you can manage you entire WordPress website.

To sum it up, there isn’t much you can’t do with a WordPress website. I’ve built a handful of non-WordPress websites for clients at their request, but we move to a WordPress site not too longer after. Call me today at (928) 362-0307 or email me at hello@nicholasallen.info to get started on your WordPress website.